Riparte a Caserta, Novara e Piacenza The Logistic Challenge, l’iniziativa di Adecco e Assologistica Cultura e Formazione nata per far dialogare aziende e scuole. LogisticaUno, assieme a Ceva Logistic e Youlog, sarà Partner dell’iniziativa, guidando gli studenti nella creazione dei progetti.

The project

The third edition of The Logistics Challenge, an initiative of Adecco and Assologistica Cultura e Formazione which aims to create a bridge between schools and the world of work to guide and accompany students towards their professional future with the right skills and preparation, is about to start. Following last year’s success, the third edition of the project will involve three technical institutes: ITS of Piacenza, ITS of Novara and ITI-LS Giordani Francesco of Caserta.

Tutor company

Logistica Uno, partner of the initiative together with Ceva Logistics and Youlog, will support the students in the elaboration of the project works. The students of each school will then be divided into three groups, each of which will work with one of the partner companies of the 2021 edition and reference leader in the logistics sector, so that each institute will be in contact with the three realities and vice versa each company will be in charge of a group of students from each school.

The companies, united in their desire to create a valuable project aimed at young people, gave the students a brief on 3 March challenging them to create a logistics project for e-commerce, a highly topical subject.

Steps of the contest

The young people will be mentored from March to May in devising a work that will test both their technical and transversal skills. The final works will then be assessed by a jury of experts who will award the best ideas in a final contest scheduled for 27 May. Due to the social distancing imposed by Covid, the whole challenge will take place online.

Logistics role

The initiative attracted a great deal of interest given the strategic role played by logistics in Italy, especially in the acute phase of health emergencies. As Michela Santonastaso, People Advisor Onsite at Adecco Workforce Solutions, pointed out: “The importance of the logistics sector for both companies and citizens has never been greater this year. The Logistics Challenge provides an opportunity for students to gain an insight into the world of work and receive real mentoring from our partners, thereby increasing their awareness of the dynamics and skills required in this sector. We are therefore proud to launch the third edition of the initiative”.