The Adecco and Assologistica Cultura e Formazione initiative, designed to bring companies and schools together, involved technical schools specialising in logistics in Caserta, Novara and Piacenza

The project

Last 27th May ended the third edition of The Logistics Challenge, an initiative of AdeccoandAssologistica Cultura e Formazionethat this year involved ITIS-LS F. Giordani of Caserta, ITS per la Mobilità Sostenibile Aerospazio/Meccatronica of Novara and ITS Logistica Sostenibile of Piacenza. Logistica Uno, as usual partner of the initiative together with Ceva Logistics and Youlog, supported the students in the elaboration of the project works.

The challenge, which aims to create a bridge between schools and the world of work in order to guide and accompany students towards their professional future, therefore saw the students of the three institutes compete in the creation of a special project dedicated to e-commerce logistics.

Winning project

During the final phase of the initiative, the young people presented their projects to the members of the technical jury, composed of Ketty Cestaro of Adecco, Bianca Pitturro of Assologistica Cultura e Formazione, Michele LaTorre of E Trasporto Europa and Sara Perotti of the Politecnico di Milano, who declared the victory of the Intercom group of Novara, followed by our company.

“We are very proud to have guided the young people through this project, giving them a real insight into the dynamics of the world of work. Logistics plays a fundamental role in the world economy and young people must be accompanied within this sector, illustrating opportunities and future challenges,” comments Gianluca Godi, Marketing Manager of Logistica Uno.

Evaluation criteria

The students were judged on both the technical and transversal skills demonstrated in the creation and presentation of the project, such as its technical complexity, the effectiveness and clarity of the presentation, its feasibility and applicability and its innovative content. However, the Advanced Logistics group from ITIS Caserta – followed by Ceva Logistics – and Ispirits from ITS Piacenza – followed by Logistica Uno – were also declared winners for their institute, as they distinguished themselves in their work.

Logistics role

The initiative is attracting more and more interest with each edition, also due to the pandemic that has highlighted the key role played by logistics in each country. As Michela Santonastaso, People Advisor Onsite at Adecco Workforce Solutions, points out: “This last period has highlighted the importance of logistics for both companies and citizens, helping to accelerate the growth of a sector that has already been expanding for some time. With The Logistics Challenge we want to offer the younger generation the opportunity to enter the world of work, receiving real mentoring from our partners: as in all past editions, this year we were positively impressed by the commitment, passion and expertise that the young people put into their projects”.