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Sustainability and digitisation: the winning combination for logistics transition

Logistica Uno’s presentation at the event highlighted investments and the strengthening of intermodal and multimodal services.

On 16 November, the annual conference of the Contract Logistics Observatory “Gino Marchet” of the Politecnico di Milano was held under the title “Contract Logistics – Sustainability and digitalisation: the winning combination for the logistics transition“. During the event, it was highlighted that 2021 was the year of transition towards a more sustainable logistics from a social, economic and environmental point of view.

According to the latest studies, the Contract Logistics market will reach a turnover of €86 billion in 2021. These numbers are close to those of the pre-crisis period (87 billion in 2019) and up from the previous year (+3.5%).

The transition to green logistics started already during the first lockdown period, when the decision was made to focus on intermodal transport by rail, even for short distances, thus overturning the idea that rail transport could only be used for long distances. This mode of transport is also successful in areas where road congestion is critical.

“The market is asking us for alternative modes of transport and sustainability. Two extremely difficult concepts that are often not easy to combine. Sustainability for us has been and continues to be a lifelong journey that began fifteen years ago. Most of the investments made in recent years have always been aimed at achieving sustainable sustainability, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social and environmental one,” said our Supply Chain Manager Gianluca Cornelli during his speech at the conference.
The speech of our Supply Chain Manager – Gianluca Cornelli