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Logistic Uno’s strengths are its thoroughness and flexibility, enabling it to meet all the client’s needs, thanks to years of hands-on distribution experience.
As well as complete/part-load transport, we also provide end-to-end distribution, interfacing with our clients through an efficient software system.


We have close established partnerships with the best carriers who can guarantee safe and punctual shipping, not only Italy <-> Europe, but also Europe <-> Europe.
Our branches and our partner’s branches are equipped to safely, conveniently and quickly ship goods all over the world.
From general oversized cargo and heavy-lift containers, we can offer all modes of shipping (lorry, train, ship and plane). We are able to offer the “best possible choice” for both efficiency and sustainability, combining value for money and security with fast delivery times.


Our mission is to move as much of our cargo over to rail as possible. The benefits of using this transport technology can be seen in 3 areas, in terms of economic and environmental sustainability: energy saving, lower emissions, and a lower road accident risk as a result of fewer vehicles on the road.
We have a close partnership with Trenitalia for the use of block trains at various loading points in northern and central Italy, heading towards the south of Italy, and vice versa.
As an MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) on the Lucca to Campania/Puglia/Sicilia route, we have specialty train carriages available. These solutions guarantee a balance between cargo volume and payload to accommodate both bulky goods and heavy goods such as coils, mineral water, cement etc.

Our intermodal/multimodal covered warehouses in Maddaloni (Campania) offer the possibility to work simultaneously on more than one block train. This is a great example of our innovation in intermodal systems.
What does this mean for our clients? Fast unloading, more efficiency and consistently on-time services. Lastly, Mercitalia Fast combines high-speed train shipping with sustainability for last-mile needs. It has the added bonus of being able to offer more security: the carriages are equipped to accommodate roll containers which are fast and easy to load and ensure a higher level of protection for delicate or high-value goods.


This option offers integrated rail, road and sea shipping solutions.
Logistica Uno can coordinate the full shipping service from registering the cargo, organising pick-up and delivery, document management and goods insurance.
Thanks to our close partnership with the largest Italian ship owners we are able to offer multiple daily departures from all the major ports that service the Italian islands.