A strong team
at your service.

Our company values dedication, trust, and passion for the job. This results in a team that combines different skills and competencies, guided by a highly experienced company owner and board of management.

Our strengths


Logistica Uno has a ‘green’ approach and is constantly striving towards environmental sustainability in all our commercial activities. In our experience there is a strong link between improving our environmental footprint and better company revenue. These are our “best green practices”:

  • intermodal options, transferring as much cargo as possible from road to rail.
  • more efficient handling services, from choosing the most appropriate shipping options to logistics software, which results in a faster flow of cargo from the warehouse and increases productivity.
  • a low-impact fleet (Euro 5/6) and LNG-powered transport.
  • route optimization, a strategy that improves delivery routes and backloading.
  • – warehouses with photovoltaic panels to produce renewable energy.

Document dematerialisation in the “cloud”

Access to documents in the cloud are essential for improving performance as it allows:

  • quicker access via any device (smartphone, tablet)

  • reduced interface costs (“plug and play” system)

  • track and trace system

  • optimised billing functions


Logistica Uno can provide made-to-measure services for its clients, outsourcing the entire logistics process to its trusted partners.


Thanks to innovation, together with our clients we continue to find new ways of reaching higher levels of operational excellence. Logistica Uno regularly collaborates with the Polytechnic University of Milan (The Contract Logistics Observatory) and other universities, creating an open dialogue with all key members, companies and organisations from the logistics and distribution sectors.

Solutions for the food industry

Complete quality control of products, pest management, traceability, copacking:
these reasons make Logistica Uno a reliable partner for services and businesses connected to the distribution logistics of food and beverages.


We are a supply partner and will guarantee

  • over 20 years of experience
  • the ability to respond to any problem regarding business continuity
  • economic strength supported by a continuous strive to improve (KPI), through the constant monitoring of suppliers
  • total compliance with health and safety regulations, white list, security and surveillance systems.