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Logistica Uno renews organic certification

Organic certification in logistics

Logistica Uno has obtained organic certification renewal for all its sites.

Organic certification, according to European legislation (EC Reg. 848/18), serves to guarantee the conformity of organically produced products at all stages of the production chain, from the field to the table.

Indeed, for a product to be classified as organic, the European regulation requires that not only does the product comply with the stringent requirements of organic production, but also the storage and distribution process itself.

EU regulation

The use of the recognised organic label has been compulsory since 2007, according to UE regulation, for all packaged products, produced within the European Community, containing at least 95% BIO ingredients. Together with the label, the code of the control body and the origin (Italy/EU/non-EU) of the ingredients must be indicated. EU regulations also require all companies in the supply chain, from agricultural production to marketing, to be subject to the label.

Monitoring agencies

The monitoring organisations are authorised by the MiPAAF, Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, and are subject to supervision by the Regions and other relevant Public Authorities. The obligation to be subject to the control procedure, initially foreseen only for producers, has been extended to all harvesting, packaging, transport and storage activities. Operators may only carry out simultaneous harvesting of organic and non-organic products if appropriate measures have been taken to prevent any possible mixing or exchange between products that would jeopardise their identification.

Sustainable agriculture

European and Italian regulations outline the correct way to produce and process organic food at all stages of the supply chain, from the farmer to the final consumer. Organic farming has proven to be the most environmentally sustainable farming model, and is the model the European Union is focusing on for a more sustainable future.