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New intermodal equipment

The new swap bodies

Transport unit

With a view to increasingly sustainable development, Logistica Uno has a new piece of equipment dedicated to intermodal transport.

As of January 2022, 55 swap bodies with a C45 HC profile and a useful loading height of 2.70 m have been purchased. The transport units are equipped with a satellite device that allows the movement of goods to be monitored in real time, thus providing our customers with greater security for the goods transported.

Intermodal modal shift

This operation will enable us to accelerate the modal-to-intermodal shift that we have been actively pursuing for years, further strengthening our presence in the rail transport market.

Moving as much traffic as possible by rail is our mission. The aim is to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions while increasing volumes, while maintaining a high level of service despite the historical problems with the Italian railway infrastructure.

The new proprietary fleet will also provide greater flexibility in transport management as well as reinforcing the historic partnerships with the major rail companies we work with.

Main routes

Progetti di successo

We believe in intermodality and we want to show alternative routes for freight transport. In fact, one of our most successful projects – Tissue Train in collaboration with our customer Lucart – was awarded in December 2021, during the 17th edition of the event Il Logistico dell’Anno (Logistics of the Year), organised by Assologistica, Assologistica Cultura e Formazione and the magazine Euromerci, for its innovative nature in the field of intermodality and environmental sustainability.

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