The logistics centres

Our logistics centres, located near major infrastructure connections, meet all storage needs, from short-term solutions for seasonal or over-production requirements, to long-term solutions that can be combined with complete distribution packages. In addition to the warehouses, that are managed directly, there is a network of transit points, located all over Italy, that allow us to improve synergy and economies of scale.


We have a network of operational transit points (stop-off and transit points) located throughout the country.
Goods are placed efficiently in the transit area so that they are ready to be transported to their final destination. This allows our clients to combine orders and streamline stockpile management, but most importantly they can be as close as possible to their point of sale.


Our warehouses are strategically located around the whole country and are close to important road and motorway connections.
Our warehouses are managed directly and have been specifically created to offer a more efficient and safe service for our clients and their goods: an added value service. We currently have warehouses located in Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Campania, Puglia and Sicily.


Our computerised management system provides our clients with complete, up-to-date information. As food product distributors, in compliance with the HACCP procedures, we are able to monitor all goods at any time, thanks to Radio Frequency technology.
We can also offer access to our web-portal so that clients can track their order and download personalised reports.
Our DPC (Data Processing Centre) is on hand to solve any type of interface issues with your computer systems.

Integrated logistics:
our supply chain
core values.

Logistica Uno enables clients to integrate their various businesses, efficiently planning and monitoring the supply chain right up to the final destination.

We offer outsourced services at our warehouses, from quality control on delivery, to the streamlining of batch picking methods, to personalised kitting and repackaging services.

We organise in-house services for our clients. Our team will be on hand to support you through the various stages of your production process: from assembly to end-of-line, from re-stocking production lines to warehouse handling.

Our team is ready to evaluate the efficiency of the client’s supply chain, using the most advanced tools available.