Logistica Uno partners with the Consorzio Il Biologico

Organic certification for our depots

Logistica Uno has obtained Organic certification for all its warehouses to ensure that storage is managed in accordance with organic farming requirements (EC Reg. 834/07 and 889/08). It has also decided to strengthen its commitment to the sustainable supply chain by joining the Consorzio Il Biologico.

Consorzio Il Biologico

Consorzio Il Biologico is a cooperative society founded by a group of companies operating in the sectors of production, processing and distribution of agricultural and food products obtained with the organic farming method with the aim of providing the best guarantees to consumers and the market.

Our choice to promote the Biologic Supply Chain

To date, we are the first logistics operator to have joined the Consozio Il Biologico, driven by a strong desire to complete the organic certification chain and promote a value-added supply chain. In fact, we would like to remind you that European regulations require not only that the product comply with stringent production requirements but also that it be stored and distributed.

Logistica Uno therefore wants to bring its own konow-how into the “biological supply chain” to give that extra added value to its customers who are increasingly focusing on this sector.