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Donations to Ukraine

Logistica Uno in support of the Ukrainian people

The initiative

Working in synergy to help people in dire straits. Logistica Uno, with the support of some important customers, has decided to provide concrete aid to the Ukrainian population, still afflicted by war.

Donated products

“We set about organising a truckload of foodstuffs, including canned food with a long shelf life but ready to use, energy bars, dried fruit and fruit in syrup, jams and milk. To complete the 28 tonnes, we also sent pallets of water, as the aqueducts in Ukraine have been bombed and there is a shortage of clean water for drinking and cooking,” comments Paolo Bovo, CEO of Logistica Uno.

One of 22 wagons arriving at the Polish border


The Verona hub of Quadrante Europa was chosen as the point of reference for the whole of northern Italy, just as Rome and Naples are for central and southern Italy.

The donated products were used to supplement the more than 15 wagons of equipment that left Prato for the Polish-Ukrainian border. This special convoy was arranged by the Region of Tuscany, in cooperation with Mercitalia Rail of the FS Group.

The train is expected to reach the Polish town of Szczebrzeszyn, 150 kilometres from Lviv, in the middle of Easter week. On board are only basic necessities requested by Ukraine.