Technology, organisation and skills: the turning point for a logistics 4.0

On 21st November 2019 the Final Conference of the Contract Logistics Observatory “Gino Marchet” was held at the Polytechnic University of Milan, at MiCo (Milan Convention Centre).

The different topics looked at during the event were both important and complex and highlighted the fact that logistics in a growing sector and mostly importantly, it continues to evolve.

New trends in logistics.

This year’s market trends study conducted a detailed examination and monitoring of the main Mergers & Acquisitions, an analysis of the ever-changing role of the carriers, the organisational evolution of logistics operators, and the new emerging professions and the skills required to face new market challenges.

In addition, Logistics 4.0 solutions were analysed in the field of distribution and shipping, the pharmaceutical sector and the real estate market connected to logistics buildings.

Logistica Uno’s Speech

It is the 9th time that Logistica Uno has been invited to speak at the Observatory, and this year Logistica Uno took part in the third round table, discussing The evolution of roles and skills in a company: the roles that are changing the most, with Silvia Dalla RosaMarketing & Communications, from Logistica Uno, who explained:

The Third Round Table: The evolution of roles and skills in a company: the roles that are changing the most, with Silvia Dalla Rosa – Marketing & Communications, from Logistica Uno.

New emerging professions and changing skills

“Shipping management plays a key role in ensuring the success of the entire supply chain, in fact one of the new emerging professions we see today is the transport planner who needs to have multimodal skills.

They need to have experience both in rail and road shipping and to bear in mind the constraints of each of them whilst in the planning stages. In addition, technology plays an important role in making planning more efficient. It is ever-more important to have an integrated system that allows you to receive information about vehicles via GPS in real time, to calculate Co2 emission levels and to have an instrument panel for monitoring the KPIs for sustainability”.

In conclusion, the most important skills are data driven decisions and innovation, with an integrated vision of processes and business strategy.

Innovation and business strategy

Logistica Uno has introduced an App that uses geolocating to interface with all our software as well as with the clients, providing all necessary information for the shipment in real time. It integrates with Google Traffic, showing the driver the best possible routes to avoid traffic, resulting in a lower environmental impact.