Our success factors:

GREEN LOGISTICS: our transport system combines low environmental impact with high financial performance. We have transformed our logistics configuration, supply chain characteristics, and management methods through the optimal use of different modes of transport and IT.

Our «best practices»:
• multimodal transport
• more efficient handling systems
• efficient fleet management (KPI)
• closed-loop supply chain

DOCUMENT «IN CLOUD»: the accessibility of the documentation in the supply chain in real time is essential for the improvement of performance. Having implemented this usability in the cloud has improved these performance leading to:
• faster access to data with new devices (smartphones, tablets, …)
• lower cost of interface with the customer
(“plug and play”)
• deliveries management
• invoice optimization

FLEXIBILITY: our company can offer tailor-made services to suit any of our clients’ needs, taking care of the entire process outsourcing as necessary. Many of our clients have also entrusted us with the management of support services, essential for their brand’s credibility.

CAPACITY FOR INNOVATION: today logistic services providers must have the capacity to offer a service to the client that  enhances and supports the client’s own operative capacity, allowing it to achieve excellence.
For this reason Logistica Uno works in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano (Observatory Contract Logistics – MIP) and  University of Verona (Logimaster).

FOOD AND DRINKS INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS: product integrity control, Pest control, contamination control, trackability, copacking,… all these features make Logistica Uno a partner for services and activities related to distribution logistics in dry food and beverage.

A SOLID AND RELIABLE PARTNER: Logistica Uno was born in 1994 in Padova, in north Italy, and now has your headquarters in Verona. It has consolidated its status of 3PL in recent years with a continuous growth based on:
• Business continuity management: we are prepared for any business continuity issues that may arise
• Economic strenght: process improvement (KPI), monitoring its suppliers, balanced sectors, …
• Compliance: health & safety respect, antimafia certification, security system,…