Integrated Logistics: our value chain.

Logistica Uno helps you to integrate your various activities in order to plan, implement and control the flow of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products from the place of origin (inbound / outbound) to that of consumption in order to make the most efficient as possible.

We therefore offer services in “outsourcing” that is articulated in our warehouses in various stages, from quality control to optimize the flow of receipt of picking different orders of the customer, the business of “kitting” preparation kit customized to the study and customization of the packaging.

We organize and services we take care of “in house” of our customers. Our staff will support the various stages of your non-core production process: from the sub-assembly activities until the end of the line, from the warehouse handling the supply of your product lines.

Our team is available to evaluate the effectiveness of the “supply chain” of our customer using the most advanced applications available.