The level of service as a competitive differential.

Proper management of the supply chain is, in this period, one of the most critical business.

Logistics management becomes the link that binds the inter-relations in the logic of supply-chain management, highlighting the need for appropriate intercompany collaborations of a co-production of value between the various actors in the supply chain.

Deepen these aspects is the fundamental objective that arises Logistics One, starting from the analysis of the evolution of logistics management of the customer, try to analyze all the strategic implications of the cooperation along the supply chain, collaborative strategies that are generated along the channel, the behavioral guidelines of such collaborations and its role as manager of integrated logistics services.

This leads to the following services offered to customers:

– integrated Logistics outsourcing services;
– warehouse and relative services management;
– food produce management in accordance with HACCP procedures;
– in-house integrated logistics service;
– distribution channels management;
– large-scale nationaldistribution;
– capillary national distribution;
– international inland distribution;
– international import/export maritime transport (FTL/LTL);
– inter-modal/ multi-modal transport.