Our warehouse have the sanitary authorization for the storage and handling of food products and are adopted HACCP provided for the food industry. In addition, the company complies (IMC certificate no. IT BIO 003 3840) with the requirements of the standards of organic farming (EC Regulation 834/07 and 889/08).

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Logistica Uno scored by the certification body TUV Italy certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of services for the design and delivery of integrated logistics services, transport, packing and storage.

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The company has also obtained IFS Logistics vers.2.1 certification to improve its integration with you costumer and transfer to them benefits such as:

– management foodsafety;

– due diligence;

– meets the needs of GDO/DO to reduce external audit.

Our company has finally joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange ( SEDEX ) and uses that platform to improve transparency and awareness on issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) of our Supply Chain.

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