Logistica Uno  is an Italian company with assets of valuable experience and a high degree of specialization in the provision of logistics services integrated distribution.

Logistica Uno: the partner that is right for you.

Logistica Uno is the supplier ideal partner for those in need of strategic support of high efficiency and tightly trustee for the management and control of the processes of procurement, production, storage, handling, distribution of products, with a high degree of customization and excellent level of service.

A supplier who makes a bet with you on your business.

“Your # 1 business partner” is the slogan that sums up the promise to the market and the company’s philosophy concretely applied Logistica Uno: the unconditional commitment to quality of service in view of a true partnership with the client, based on mutual recognition and on a flexible and collaborative approach to “problem solving”, based on availability and dialogue. All while providing a structure and responsiveness always up.

The best asset at your disposal.

The proven efficiency, infrastructure, information systems and quality of human resources are the key assets of Logistics One. The real benefits to the customer are the optimization of budgets, the benefits of a highly personalized service and the security offered by a business partner of trust.

Logistica Uno, the security of a company associated with:

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